The Secrets to Make Exponential Income On The Internet

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The Secrets

Honestly, I SUCK at marketing. You SUCK at marketing indeed, I reckon. Everyone SUCKS at marketing. So…How can we built multi-milion dollar business in internet marketing?

First rule is We realized our prospects DON’T SUCK!

How Come…?

Our prospects or our potential customer are the smartest people in the world, no doubt. In fact, if we ask them in the right right way, they will tell us 100 % of the time exactly how to sell them.

Never ever asking stupid question, “please tell me how i can sell you?” That’s not what we are tallking about.

Do you see what I mean?

So, what we are going to do now?

First of all, we have to change our mindset, we don’t have to be a webmaster in making online business.

One of significant is we have to have “marketing aspects”.

We have go give “added value” and “differential” for the product that we want to sell !

Please don’t forget : Take Action! Passion! Always Focus, Focus and Focus!

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