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Installing and Tweaking AdSense Sites For Making Top Earnings With Google AdSense

You can choose between text ads or image ads, or a mixture of both. You can choose between many different sizes. You can change the colors and the type of border the ads have. It can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are a few relatively simple rules that can help you figure out which ads to try first.

Remember, you can always tweak the ads later. You could get lucky and get a great CTR immediately, but most of the time you will have to do some tweaking to bring your CTR up to a nice level.
Text or Image Ads

I almost always use text ads only. On the vast majority of sites, text ads convert better. Every once in a rare while, image ads will convert better, but this is very rare. Read More


Buying Content For Making Adsense Money Online

Buying Content For Making Adsense Money OnlineIf you aren’t willing or able to write the content yourself, you can pay someone else for the content. There are a few ways to do this:

You can hire someone to write the articles you tell them to write. You can buy exclusive pre-written content. You can buy PLR content, which is sold to multiple buyers. You can join a PLR membership where you get access to packages of articles that many other people also get access to. I personally do not use PLR content, because I have never been able to rank well with it. I only use exclusive content for my sites, and it has always paid off for me.

There are sites that sell pre-written content on an exclusive basis, but it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. It’s also not generally written to be great for SEO purposes, so you may have to edit them a bit. My preference is to hire someone to write articles for me. You can hire decent writers for as little as $3 per article, but I usually pay about $5. I always run the articles I buy through to make sure they aren’t stolen.

You can find writers at places like:

NEVER pay 100% up front. You can pay a 50% deposit upon receiving samples from the writer, with the rest payable when the articles are completed by the deadline you set. Remember to give them article titles for SEO purposes!

Buying Content For Making Adsense Money Online

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4 Easy Steps to Internet Income in 2009

multiple-streams-internet-income-image1Here are 4 easy steps to easy, low cost internet marketing. These are just some low cost ideas, when combined with paid advertising can bring huge potential to make large sums of money online. First, Set up a merchant account, here are a few merchants that are available online, Merchant express, Paynet Systems, Powerpay Affiliates and Clickbank to name a few. You can also search online for additional merchants.

Secondly, Pick a product to promote, you can find many different affiliate programs that pay you when you send someone to their website and purchase their products. Their are several different products to choose from, try to pick something that has mass appeal.

Some hot categories right now are job opportunities, work from home, home mortgages, ringtones, dieting and exercise. Try to promote to specific age groups and demographics. Next, Set up a domain name, This will direct traffic to your affiliate link and this is how you will get credit directing people to your specific product that you are promoting and get paid.

You can set up your domain name with, and, just to name a few. You can search online for additional hosting companies and this can be very easily. It is important to pick a domain name that is very easy to remember for the consumer. Read More


Internet Marketing Tips – Do You Need a Product Funnel For Your Internet Business?

Most people, when trying to make money online, start out by promoting affiliate products or getting Adsense clicks. While these methods are profitable when done right, you are operating from a disadvantaged position. Ultimately, what is happening when you promote an affiliate product or generate an Adsense is just sending traffic to another business! Regardless of whether you profit or not, the affiliate program owner wins. They are the biggest winners in the end.

That’s why I don’t get overly excited about the latest fad like Twitter, Squidoo etc. Sure, I uses these tactics, but I don’t make them my core marketing strategy. Tomorrow, something new will come along and everyone will flock to it like a herd again. Read More


The Best Way to Earn Easy Money Online

If you would like to someday make millions of dollars purely through the internet, it is going to take some dedicated time and effort. It could happen faster if you invent some new software or other useful product. However, you can still make a good living while sitting at home working just a few hours a day and not have to create anything yourself. It will take some time and expertise, but it is possible to earn easy money online. Read More